We have a temporary outage at our data center in the Netherlands, we are working on this and will provide an update as soon as we have one. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and we wish to thank you for your patience.

28th Nov 18:53 GMT - Update - Statment from RapidSpeeds (this is where we used to purchase our servers from) "The data center says they are facing a massive and lethal DDoS attack and they have had to null route the traffic temporarily, they say it should not take more than 24 hours."
We will providing compensation for this downtime by adding an extra day to your service.

29th Nov 15:33 GMT - Update - The data center (LeaseWeb) has provided an update, seems like RapidSpeeds has fallen in to some legal trouble with LeaseWeb and therefore LeaseWeb has temporarily shut down RapidSpeeds's servers. There is no ETA on when RapidSpeeds's servers will be brought online. Since RapidSpeeds's lied about this in the beginning stating that the downtime was because of a DDoS attack we have prepared for the worst and as such are in the process of working out a deal with LeaseWeb. LeaseWeb has agreed to give us new servers in return for a signed contract. We hope you understand that there is almost nothing we can do about this other than providing all our clients with a newer slot on a newer server. We hope to have everything online in 96 hours. All our clients will be compensated for the downtime incurred and the loss of data. We hope you understand our situation and give us some time to get everything in working order. We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

29th Nov 16:14 GMT - Update - We are trying to make a deal with LeaseWeb to get us the older hard disks for the newer servers we will be purchasing. If this works out none of the clients will lose any data. Please note that this is a long shot and we are not sure if it will work, we will keep you posted.

30th Nov 13:47 GMT - Update - If you havent noticed already the servers have been brought back online. Please note that the servers will be online from the 30th of November 13:00 GMT - 2nd of December 14:00 GMT. We would like to request all of our clients to backup all their important data. In the mean time we are in the process of getting new servers and setting them up before your current one goes offline. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

30th Nov 18:43 GMT - Update - We are in the process of finalizing our contract with LeaseWeb for the new servers, once it is finalized we will receive the new servers in 2 working days.

2nd Dec 12:00 GMT - Update - We have finalized the contract with LeaseWeb and they have delivered most of our servers but we are still short of some. We are in the process of setting up the servers we have received. We have requested LeaseWeb to give us the other servers at the earliest possible so we can minimize downtime. LeaseWeb has also extended the period of temporary access to the 5th of December 07:30 GMT. We would like to remind users once again to backup any important data on the server and be ready for the switch.

6th Dec 16:00 GMT - Update - We have finished switching all our clients on the newer servers, 80% of the switches were done before the RapidSpeeds servers went offline. We thank our clients for their patience and valued business.

Monday, November 28, 2011

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